Go Wireless Using A Wi-Fi Security Camera

Go Wireless Using A Wi-Fi Security Camera

Has your family finally come to a consensus that security cameras are much needed around your house? Indeed, it’s a fantastic decision; however, there is still much more to do. Because there are mainly two types of security cameras and it’s a difficult task to choose one.

For a long time now, the market has been ruled by wired surveillance cameras. However, with technological advancements, you will see people installing wireless cameras around their premise. And you can also do the same and secure your house with a wi-fi security camera right away.

Why Going Wireless With Wi-Fi Security Cameras Make Sense?

Is the idea of buying a wired conventional camera still luring over your head? Don’t worry; there are thousands of people thinking the same. And the main reason behind this is the lack of knowledge regarding the newer wireless wi-fi security cameras. So, let’s see how these cameras are a better option than the conventional ones.

Bid Farewell To Wires

It’s somewhat troublesome to deal with all the wires and cables around your devices. You have to connect the power source, internet wire and other peripherals to the camera. It’s also pretty messy to look at a bunch of cables lying around. However, with wi-fi security cameras, wires are history. Everything from the power source to the storage is connected to the camera without any cables. That is why people prefer getting their hands on these wireless cameras.

Allows A Greater Flexibility

With conventional cameras, it was difficult to have many options while installing them. You had to mount it to a position which was conspicuous to any intruder or burglar. And thus, they can quickly disarm the security system around your house. But with wi-fi security cameras, this is not the case. You can place them anywhere you want with ease. Therefore, any intruder or suspicious person would not be able to disarm it quickly.

Easy Scalability Options

Earlier, you had to redo the entire installation and wiring to add a few more cameras to your residential surveillance system. It used to be costly, inconvenient, and relatively inefficient. However, with wireless Wi-Fi cameras, you can scale the number of cameras as per your requirements. There are no wires, and everything is connected to the Wi-Fi network. And thus, you can easily add or reduce cameras to the Wi-Fi network. It is that easy.

Seemingly Unlimited Storage

Another drawback of wired security cameras was the storage limitations. You either had to delete the footage or purchase memory discs to store them. This was a much costlier affair before the boom of cloud storage. Nowadays, you can access terabytes of cloud storage space with just a few bucks. Therefore, you can connect this cloud storage to your Wi-Fi connected security camera with ease and get access to unlimited storage options. Furthermore, there are other means of lucrative storage options as well,

Apart from the benefits listed above, there are a few things which work in your favour. And it’s essential to know them before making the decision.

  • They are much cheaper than wired cameras.
  • You get less interference.
  • The footage is secured over the wi-fi network.
  • It has a long battery life and energy-efficient devices.

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