New Home Solutions

CCTV Camera installation

Comprehensive Security Solutions for New Homes by Xvisions


Congratulations on your new home! When it comes to safeguarding your property, Xvisions is here to provide you with top-notch security solutions. Approximately 30% of our projects cater specifically to new homes, and we understand the importance of securing your investment from the very beginning. Whether you require wiring services before the gyprock installation for a double storey home or installation after the builder hands over the keys, we have you covered.

Xvisions Alarm & CCTV Packages for New Homes

At Xvisions, we offer an array of alarm and CCTV packages tailored specifically for new homes. We understand that each homeowner’s security needs vary, which is why we have created a selection of popular packages to suit different preferences and budgets. Our expert team is equipped to provide comprehensive installation services, ensuring that your new home is protected with cutting-edge technology by Xvisions. Call us for our range of alarm and CCTV packages and take the first step towards securing your new home.