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Xvisions: Protecting Your Automotive Business and Assets


At Xvisions, we understand the significant concerns faced by car dealerships and mechanics who have a substantial investment in vehicles and vehicular merchandise. Safeguarding your valuable assets from the ever-present threat of auto theft and costly damage is crucial.

Our team of security experts is here to assist you in reviewing your security measures and ensuring you have the protection you need. With our expertise and tailored solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is well-protected.

Auto theft remains a prevalent issue in Australia, with a passenger/light commercial vehicle being stolen every 11 minutes*. Mechanics often work on multiple vehicles simultaneously, while car dealerships can have merchandise worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in their car yards.

Cars, due to their financial value and potential for use in other crimes, are attractive targets for both professional criminals and opportunistic thieves. Additionally, vehicles can be susceptible to scratches and dents, resulting in significant repair costs, whether they are being serviced or waiting to be purchased.

Tailored Security Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

To combat these challenges, Xvisions offers comprehensive security solutions for car dealerships and mechanics. Our integrated approach includes a range of effective loss prevention measures, designed to deter theft and provide monitoring and recording capabilities to identify potential damage to your merchandise and surroundings.

Don’t let auto theft and costly damage jeopardize your automotive business. Contact Xvisions today to speak with our security experts and ensure the safety of your assets. Invest in our reliable and tailored security solutions for optimal protection.

*Statistics from official sources indicate the frequency of auto theft in Australia.